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7/25/12 Sheldon Richman

Sheldon Richman discusses the merits (or lack thereof) of gun control laws in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting; how concealed-carry permits contribute to public safety; and the cognitive dissonance required to support the War on Guns while opposing the War on Drugs (or vice versa for conservatives).


May 30 – Today on Antiwar Radio

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Jason Ditz, Sheldon Richman, More

Today on Antiwar radio with Scott Horton:

Jason Ditz will be on to discuss the latest in war news.

Bio: Jason Ditz is the news editor for Antiwar.com


Sheldon Richman will be on to discuss Memorial Day

Bio: Sheldon Richman is editor of The Freeman, published by The Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington, New York, and serves as senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of FFF’s award-winning bookSeparating School & State: How to Liberate America’s Families; Your Money or Your Life: Why We Must Abolish the Income Tax; and FFF’s newest book Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State.


Listen Live from 9:00 AM PT – 12:00 PM PT

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Antiwar Radio: Sheldon Richman

Sheldon Richman, senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses why opponents of state power are naturally against war; Murray Rothbard’s foreign policy litmus test for assessing devotion to liberty; the history of  left-libertarianism and the conceptual left-right political spectrum, from the post-French Revolution era onward; and why across-the-board deregulation is not a free market cure-all, especially while state privileges like bailouts, FDIC insurance and government guarantees remain in place.