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The Antiwar Comic: Imagine

In honor of Dr. Paul’s awesome speech and Scott’s awesome speech about Dr. Paul, here’s the Antiwar Comic inspired by Dr. Paul’s famous speech.

Antiwar Radio 6/17/10

Robert Murphy, Ron Paul, Glenn Greenwald 9-12 Pacific http://lrn.fm/ or http://kaosradioaustin.org/

03/04/10 – Rep. Ron Paul – The Scott Horton Show

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses the budgetary limitations that expansive U.S. foreign policy imposes on domestic programs, the Dennis Kucunich resolution (co-sponsored by Rep. Paul) that will require a House of Representatives debate on the war in Afghanistan, wrongheaded government action on the coming dollar crisis and why the peace and liberty movement is best served by setting a good example and avoiding the politics of personality.


01/21/10 – Rep. Ron Paul – The Scott Horton Show

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses his disinterest in political parties, the slippery slope from indefinitely detaining foreign terrorism suspects to designating domestic criminals “enemy combatants,” why the US empire is more likely to end from the dollar’s collapse than a reasoned decision to return to a republic, the diminishing returns from intelligence spending and why reestablishing gold and silver as currency is a good idea.