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8/22/12 Pepe Escobar

Asia Times journalist Pepe Escobar discusses why war and foreign policy aren’t issues in this year’s presidential election; how Syria has become a battleground in Middle East power politics; the Arab Spring hijacking; US fears about high-level Egypt/Iran talks and improving relations; indications President Obama has ruled out direct US intervention in Syria; how a Greater Kurdistan would balkanize four countries and aid the US/Israel divide and conquer strategy for the region; and the Turkish army’s questionable loyalty and effectiveness.


7/20/12 Pepe Escobar

Pepe Escobar discusses the mysterious killing of top Syrian government officials in Damascus; how a suicide bomber becomes a “martyr” instead of a “terrorist” when Washington approves of the target; the huge influx of potent modern weaponry into Syria that is sure to cause future problems for the countries promoting regime change; and Russia’s apparent willingness to cast aside President Assad in a compromise deal with the US.