9/6/17 Eric Margolis on the escalating India-China conflict and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

Author and journalist Eric Margolis returns to the show to discuss the slow motion war escalating between China and India that Margolis has long believed is an inevitability. The conflict between the two nuclear powers centers on their desire to control the Himalayan region between the two countries, which gives whichever country controls it significant leverage over the rest of the region. Margolis recaps the modern history of Chinese-Indian tensions and the history of how the British created...

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Kagan and O’Hanlon: Time to Get Ready for War in Pakistan

Now we all expect this kind of craziness from the Kagan klan - cowering behind desks while lusting for blood is apparently in their DNA - but let's get it straight about Michael O'Hanlon, who only a few months back was hailed as some great critic of the Iraq war saying that wow, the surge really is working. Well, you probably remember that Glenn Greenwald thrashed that lie from here to there, back then. Now, he's here with a Kagan to recommend spreading the war in Afghanistan next door....