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Guests: Ahmed Al Omran, Gareth Porter, Matt Southworth

Today on Antiwar radio with Scott Horton:

Ahmed Al Omran will be on to discuss Saudi Arabia, specifically his piece: Saudi Arabia unrest: a blogger’s view.

Bio: Ahmed Al Omran is a multimedia journalist and leading Saudi blogger. His blog, Saudi Jeans, is one of the most well known and longstanding blogs in the Middle East.

Blogging for the past seven years, he has developed a vast knowledge of the online scene in the region. Ahmed has written op-eds for both The New York Times and The Guardian. Over the past few years, he has been frequently quoted in international media, and has appeared on CNN, BBC, France24, CBC, Al Hurra, and other TV and radio networks to talk about Saudi Arabia and Internet use by youth in the Middle East.

Gareth Porter will be on to discuss Pakistan Moves to Curb More Aggressive U.S. Drone Strikes, Spying. Read it here.

Bio: Gareth Porter is an American historian, investigative journalist and policy analyst on U.S. foreign and military policy. Porter has written regular news reports and news analysis on political, diplomatic and military developments in regard to Middle East conflicts for Inter Press Service since 2005.

Matt Southworth will be on to discuss the war budget.

Bio: Matt Southworth is a legislative aid on foreign policy with the Quaker public interest group, the Friend’s Committee on National Legislation. Currently, Matt works on Afghanistan policy and greater Middle East issues on Capitol Hill. He has been working closely with a number of Congressional offices in an effort to create a Congressionally led Afghanistan-Pakistan Study Group that will provide President Obama with recommendations moving past the July 2011 transitional phase. Visit the FCNL here.


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