9/8/17 Andrew Cockburn on Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11

Washington editor of Harper's Magazine, Andrew Cockburn, returns to the show to discuss his latest article, "Crime and Punishment: Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?" Cockburn explains how the 9/11 families overcame the legal impediments against suing the state of Saudi Arabia even in the face of rank opposition from the Obama administration, what he believed was revealed in the 28 pages, and how the Saudis helped fund the spread of Wahhabism and the rise of al-Qaeda. Cockburn believes...

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The Antiwar Comic: The Party

Hello all. My name is Tony DiGerolamo and I write comics. I've been a big fan of Scott Horton and his radio show for a long time, having followed it on Antiwar.com. As an anti-interventionist, I always felt I wasn't doing enough. So one day, I thought, "Well, why not do an antiwar comic? That's what you do. Make comics after all." So, I launched the Antiwar Comic on my website, The Webcomic Factory. It's about all things antiwar, how war impacts people, perceptions of foreign policy--- If...

Sibel Edmonds Interview.

From electricpolitics.com via Luke Rylands blog. Connect the dots. According to the UN's latest report, under U.S. occupation 92% of the world's opium production comes from Afghan poppies. Most of the heroin going to Europe is manufactured in or transits Turkey. The exact value to Turkey of its heroin exports is unknown but experts estimate a range in the tens of billions of dollars per year. The neocons helped establish and remain closely associated with Turkish lobbying efforts in the U.S....

Prince Bandar Says Saudi Intelligence Was “Actively Following” 9/11 Hijackers

(CNN) — Saudi Arabia could have helped the United States prevent al Qaeda's 2001 attacks on New York and Washington if American officials had consulted Saudi authorities in a "credible" way, the kingdom's former ambassador said in a documentary aired Thursday. The comments by Prince Bandar bin Sultan are similar to the remarks this week by Saudi King Abdullah that suggested Britain could have prevented the July 2005 train bombings in London if it had heeded warnings from Riyadh. Speaking to...