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Categorical Imperatives Talk World Radio – David Swanson Debunking Deep State Lies About the War on Terror! – Keith Knight

Boomer-Hawk Converted

DZ writes: Mr. Horton, Couldn’t track down an email for you, so Twitter will be my ham-fisted attempt at communicating. It is with the utmost respect and equal measure of delight that I contact you. In the last week I have moved to a new state and during those travels, on a long road trip with my father, I played your recent speech at the Colorado LP convention. It was that speech and your cohesive narrative of what comprised most of my father’s politically-aware life that brought...

More Interviews of Me

Take Human Action Bash 2021 – LP Mises Caucus event Scott Horton on the LP, Gaza and Vaccine Passports – Lions of Liberty – starts about 20 minutes in The Continuing Israel/Palestine Conflict w/ Scott Horton – Pete Quinones Afghanistan: graveyard of empires, pundits and profiteers – Crashing the War Party

3 new interviews of Me

Is the War on Terror Directed at US Citizens Now? – Buck Johnson The U.S. Empire’s Destruction Of Somalia and Yemen – Pete Quinones The State of Policing – Year Zero with Tommy Salmons

More Interviews of Me

Thanks to Everyone’s Orphan for the list. Enough Already & Uighurs – Why Libertarian Osama Bin Laden’s Strategy to Take Down the US – Bob Murphy Conflicts of Interest #100​ – Scott Horton Dismantles the War Party Narrative Ideological Underpinnings of the War on Terrorism – Washington Report on Middle East Affairs


I’m doing two events this Saturday: WRMEA and IRmep‘s End Support for Apartheid Israel Conference at 1:00 PM Eastern and a speech to the Washington LP later that afternoon in Seattle with Peter R. Quinones, Matt Kibbe, Angela McArdle and others.  

18 years, 5,500 interviews.

I started the old Weekend Interview Show on Radio KAOS 95.9 FM in Austin, Texas on April 12, 2003, three days after the fall of Baghdad. First up was’s heroic Alan Bock. Number 5,500 was of course with the Great Gareth Porter. Full archives here and at YouTube.

I Just Joined the Libertarian Party

It's all about our great campaign to run Jacob Hornberger for President of the United States next year. "Hey Scott Horton, what can we do?" Yall are always asking. Well here's something we can do. The libertarian movement is joining the Libertarian Party to try to really make some great hay out of the Hornberger campaign in the Ron Paul Revolution style. And WE NEED YOUR HELP. Go to to sign up today. And then please, get with your buddies, get involved in your state...

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