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Murdering Afghanistan

Check out this one in Salon.com: What 25 tons of explosives will do to an Afghan village Last October, an American fighting unit in Afghanistan reduced an entire village to dust in minutes. Nestled in the fertile Arghandab Valley, Tarok Kolache had become a Taliban...

Wednesday’s Interviews

Now at Antiwar.com: Banished Citizen Allowed to Come Home? - Nick Baumann on the torture of Gulet Mohamed Still Liveblogging WikiLeaks - Greg Mitchell on the important stories they've brought us The Permanent War State - Generals love little ribbons, observes Gareth...

Recent Episodes of the Scott Horton Show

01/08/07 – Hornberger & McGovern – The Scott Horton Show

Antiwar Radio returns with 2 new interviews.

First is Jacob Hornberger, the founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, regarding the case of Jose Padilla and the power that the military now claims over the American people.

The second is of Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, on some of Bush


12/13/06 – Rep. Ron Paul – The Scott Horton Show

For the second installment of my new show Antiwar Radio for KAOS 95.9 in Austin and Antiwar.com, I spoke with the libertarian-Republican congressman representing Texas District 14, Dr. Ron Paul (another reason for Texans to be proud).

I asked about the president’s constitutional role in America’s relations with foreign countries, why congress has given all their power away and how a responsible president would have handled September 11th.

MP3 here. (16:12)


December 12, 2006 Robert Dreyfuss

Announcing the debut of Antiwar Radio, to run regularly at Antiwar.com and KAOS Radio 95.9 FM in Austin, Texas.

For the first show, I interviewed the great investigative reporter and author Robert Dreyfuss – who penned last Tuesday’s spotlight article, “Bush’s Meeting With a Murderer” – about the different groups vying for power in what was once Iraq.

MP3 here. (31:58)

My sound guy (me) didn’t do the best job and my interviewing skills are a little rusty, but these are problems that can soon be resolved.

And thanks to those of you who’ve been asking what’s taking so long! : )

05/09/06 – Ray McGovern – The Scott Horton Show

Scott talks with former CIA analyst and founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Ray McGovern, about his confrontation last Thursday with “Defense” Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about his lying us into war with Iraq, Lt. Gen. Hayden’s appointment to run the CIA, the fight between the CIA and Pentagon over covert operations, the likelihood of war with Iran and why government employees ought to rat on their bosses.

Recent Episodes of the Scott Horton Show

10/30/12 – Jason Leopold – The Scott Horton Show

Truthout journalist Jason Leopold discusses his article about Adnan Latif's tragic and avoidable death in Guantanamo prison in September; why Latif should have been released years ago (and never imprisoned in the first place); the Yemeni government's refusal to claim...

10/30/12 – Gareth Porter – The Scott Horton Show

IPS News journalist Gareth Porter discusses his article "Pentagon Nixed 1998 U.S. Nuclear Scientists' Probe of Iranian Programme;" how successive US administrations have blocked or ignored information that disproves the "Iran is making nuclear weapons" propaganda;...

10/29/12 – Sheldon Richman – The Scott Horton Show

Sheldon Richman of the Future of Freedom Foundation discusses the merger of Israel's Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu parties; why it seems like all the Iran war talk was just to distract from the Palestine issue; how "facts on the ground" have made a two-state solution...

10/29/12 – Leah Bolger – The Scott Horton Show

Leah Bolger, President of Veterans For Peace, discusses her trip to Pakistan with the CODEPINK delegation to witness the US drone war's effects; how the CIA has waged constant psychological warfare on civilians and fractured communal bonds in Waziristan; the lies told...

10/29/12 – Hanan Salah – The Scott Horton Show

Hanan Salah of Human Rights Watch discusses HRW's report on how the CIA and UK Secret Service (in 2005-06) captured anti-Gaddafi "militants" living abroad, often tortured them, and sent them back to Gaddafi for further torture; the irony that many of these Libyans are...

10/26/12 – Wendy McElroy – The Scott Horton Show

Wendy McElroy, a feminist, anarchist and author, discusses the media's focus on 14-year-old activist Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by Pakistani Taliban gunmen; why the mainstream press ignores the children regularly killed in US drone strikes; the government's...

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