12/28/12 – Joey King – The Scott Horton Show

Joey King of Veterans for Peace discusses upcoming VFP protests against the deployment of US troops to 35 African nations; the Pentagon’s interest in staying “globally engaged;” foreign policy and blowback; and the insanity of drone warfare. Podcast:...

Happy New Year

Well, thanks for listening. I’ll keeping complaining about, and interviewing reporters about, the news for another go around the sun if yall want. Scott

12/26/12 – Philip Giraldi – The Scott Horton Show

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses how the Council for the National Interest plans to counter the Israel Lobby and Islamophobia hucksters in 2013; Chuck Hagel’s unlikely shot at Secretary of Defense; the 6000-page Senate Intelligence Committee report on...

12/26/12 – Jonathan Landay – The Scott Horton Show

Jonathan Landay of McClatchy Newspapers discusses the Afghan government’s draft peace plan; why the Taliban has no incentive to negotiate or make political concessions; the many factions vying for power in Afghanistan and within the Taliban itself; why there are...
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