Saving England Wasn’t Worth It

By Scott Horton June 30, 2007 Editor’s note: Assistant Editor Scott Horton wrote the following essay for the Oxford Forum, whose editors asked him to contribute a piece on the Anglo-American role in international conflict. Unfortunately, the...

A Saker interview with Uri Avnery

Hi friends, I just got a small interview with Uri Avnery.  Check it out and take a look at the Gush Shalom brochure he mentions. I hope that this article and interview will make a difference in the mind of those who are used blame “the Jews” for what...

Let’s Launch a Genocide!

Oh, how easy it was to promote a war in those jingoistic days of yore (2001-2003). Here’s the ABC News opening theme song to the yet unnamed Gulf War II.  If that’s not enough, right below it is the CBS News more aggressive and arabesque theme...
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