Neocon delusional policies in shambles

by | Jun 28, 2007 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

First, there is this absolutely must read piece on TomDispatch about the Iraq surge in numbers.

Then, who ever thought the Neocons are smart and have some sophisticated “hidden” policy at work in the Middle-East?!  Look – they are so friggin stupid they even sabotage their own policies.

You did not think that the bloody chaos in Iraq could get any worse?  Yes, it can! The Turkish military is openly advocating for an invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan.

I am telling you – Neocons are plain stupid.  As in “clueless”.  Sure, they are more driven to power and  intrigue than others, they are the most arrogant lying bastards anywhere, they bought off the Imperial Congress and the corporate media – but in terms of policies they are pathetically clueless and utterly unable to think beyond the immediate short term.

To think that these guys seriously think that a war against Iran would “fix” Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, etc. is just amazing, ain’t it?!