The sacred freedom to be sick, or how Communisto-Fascists threaten our rights

by | Jun 27, 2007 | Stress Blog | 12 comments

I just saw this on the antiwar blog:

Psst! Whole Foods Run by Fascists. Pass It On

Wednesday, June 27th in News, Libertarianism, Culture, Neocons, Lucianne Goldberg’s child by Matt Barganier |

In an effort to get to the bottom of this whole Whole Foods matter, I urge you to contact the company through this form and ask why they’re such a bunch of fascists. Be sure to include the fact that you heard they are fascists from Jonah Goldberg, whose forthcoming (?) book is titled Liberal Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation from Hegel to Whole Foods. Remind them that the ‘obsession with organic food and environmentalism’ is German, i.e., Nazi, in origin.

I am totally floored by the stupidity of this argument. The Nazis were obsessed with organic food and the environment?! Jeez – they also invented highways – are we supposed to henceforth only use state roads or something?! (Thank God Hitler never said that 2+2=4!!!)

Just one trip abroad to any, ANY, country will convince you that Americans are pathetically overweight, grotesquely obese and ridiculously fat.

All these good looks (“a la Michael Moore”) are not the result of some risk of fascist health foods, but for eating shit and drinking shit… although come to think of it, eating shit would be better: most Americans gobble down the equivalent of 33 teaspoons of sugar each day (that’s not really teaspoons of sugar – that the prolefeed they get from their beloved corporations) and think of “tasty” as “oversalted+oversweetened+fat”.

I am under the strong impression that a good chunk of America simply relishes diseases and hates anything healthy. Hence the mindless bashing of “commie healthcare” and “fascist heal foods”. Frankly, all this nonsense sounds to me like the minutes of the Flat Earth Society.

(I guess I better come to terms with being a “fascisto-communist”, at least by US standarts…)

Ok – end of rant here. I need to run to Whole Foods to get my organic green teas and European wines before going for a long fast-paced walk with my German Shepard :-))