Bush’s Sunk-Cost Fallacy

Video here. Poor old George Bush Jr. He’s got nothing left but straw men and circular logic to keep American soldiers in Iraq. First he implies that his critics believe the “sophisticated propaganda” of the enemy terrorists that “our”...

Firefox 2.0: The Revenge of Netscape

Today (24/10/06) Firefox 2.0 will be released. One recent study shows that Firefox has taken considerable market share away from the dominant product in the field, Microsoft Internet Explorer, which was recently updated to version 7.0. Let’s take a brief look...

Just what you wanted for Election Day, Another Pod Cast

Allow me this shameful self-promotion but the Liberated Space is returning the first week of December. Email me if you want to be on the mailing list. For those not familiar with my work, the archive is on my site. For the new season, however, I will be ripping off...
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