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2/3/16 John Feffer

John Feffer, director of Foreign Policy in Focus, discusses the “gray zone” – defined as predominately Christan places where Muslims have rejected the “us versus them” mentality of the Islamic State – and how these moderate Muslims are trapped between their increasingly hostile countrymen and the terrorism of ISIS that is designed to push everyone toward radicalism.

2/3/16 Ira Chernus

Ira Chernus, professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, discusses his TomDispatch article “America’s New Vietnam in the Middle East: A Civil War Story About the Islamic State Might Spark a Peace Movement.”

2/3/16 Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis, a retired Lt. Col. in the US Army, discusses his firsthand account of why the 2009 “surge” in Afghanistan was a failure, and why throwing more US troops at it now isn’t going to help either.

2/1/16 Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein, a columnist for Newsweek, discusses why Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders may disappoint his supporters on foreign policy issues.

1/29/16 Dan Wright

Dan Wright, a longtime blogger and writer for, discusses why the US Congress lifted a ban on funding Ukraine’s neo-Nazis, and how their nonstop warmongering could start an apocalyptic nuclear war with Russia.

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