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04/21/14 Will Grigg

Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses his visit to the home of embattled cattle rancher Cliven Bundy in Bunkerville, Nevada; the Bureau of Land Management’s history of land theft and violence; and the federal government’s questionable claim on huge swaths of land in Nevada.

04/21/14 Charles Goyette

Charles Goyette, radio host and NY Times bestselling author, discusses his regular podcast program with Ron Paul; the risk of monetary failure from the unsustainable welfare-warfare state; how trillions in excess bank reserves are causing consumer price inflation; and why we need to repeal legal tender laws before the dollar collapses.

04/17/14 Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern, a retired CIA officer turned political activist, discusses CIA Director John Brennan’s secretive visit to Kiev; the failed unleashing of Ukraine’s army against separatists; the frenzied (and false) stories on “Jew registration” in eastern Ukraine; John Kerry’s foreign policy disasters; and Israel’s contentment with the status quo in Syria’s bloody civil war.

04/17/14 Patrick Cockburn

Patrick Cockburn, an award-winning contributor to The Independent, discusses his 5-part series on Al-Qa’Ida’s resurgence despite the ongoing war on terror; the buyer’s remorse suffered by the US and Gulf monarchies backing Syria’s rebels; and the government’s perverse incentives to make war instead of peace.

04/17/14 The Other Scott Horton

The Other Scott Horton, an international human rights lawyer and blogger at Harper’s magazine, discusses the leaked summary of the Senate’s report on CIA torture; the White House’s refusal to turn over documents that likely implicate the Bush administration; what prompted CIA-supporter Dianne Feinstein’s turn against the agency; the Justice Department’s corruption and/or ineptitude; and signs of the republic’s death knell.

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