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12/18/14 Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz, news editor for, discusses the brouhaha over the Sony Pictures movie “The Interview” about an attempted assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un; the FBI’s assertion that North Korean hackers are to blame for hacking Sony’s computer systems in retaliation; and Sony’s cowardly response of completely canceling the movie’s release for fear of terrorism reprisals.

12/18/14 Susannah George

Susannah George, a radio and print journalist for NPR and Public Radio International, discusses her article “America is building a Sunni army in Iraq to take on the Islamic State.”

12/18/14 Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, discusses the 100 year anniversary of the War on Drugs, its firm foundation in racism and bigotry, and how it has been taxed, regulated, and legislated into a multi-billion dollar government enterprise of destruction.

12/17/14 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis, internationally syndicated columnist and author of American Raj, discusses the Pakistani Taliban’s mass-killing of kids in Peshawar; the history of Pakistan’s restive northwest territories from the days of British empire; why the US still won’t leave Afghanistan; and the possibility of normalized relations with Cuba.

12/17/14 Bob McCarty

Bob McCarty, author of The Clapper Memo, discusses the strange developments in Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue’s lawsuit against the FBI, based on their refusal of his FOIA requests for videotapes and documents relating to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

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12/20/14 - Gareth Porter Interviews Former IAEA Head Hans Blix

Ex-IAEA Chief Warns on Using Unverified Intel to Pressure Iran

In a critique of the handling of the Iran file by the International Atomic Energy Agency, former IAEA Director General Han Blix has called for greater skepticism about the intelligence documents and reports alleging Iranian nuclear weapons work and warned that they may be used to put diplomatic pressure on Tehran.
In an interview with this writer in his Stockholm apartment late last month, Blix, who headed the IAEA from 1981 to 1997, also criticized the language repeated by the IAEA under its current director general, Yukiya Amano, suggesting that Iran is still under suspicion of undeclared nuclear activity.

Blix, who clashed with US officials when he was head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq from 2000 to 2003, said he has long been skeptical of intelligence that has been used to accuse Iraq and Iran of having active nuclear-weapons programs. “I’ve often said you have as much disinformation as information” on alleged weaponization efforts in those countries, Blix said.

Read the rest at Jim Lobe’s blog.

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12/18/14 - Today’s show: Mark Thornton, Susannah George, Jason Ditz 12-2 eastern

Today’s show: Mark Thornton, Susannah George, Jason Ditz 12-2 eastern time

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