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07/29/14 Ken Klippenstein

Freelance journalist Ken Klippenstein discusses the US-made weapons being used by Israel to commit war crimes against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

07/29/14 Noura Erakat

Noura Erakat, a human rights attorney and activist, discusses her article in The Nation, “Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza – Debunked.”

07/29/14 Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern, a retired CIA officer turned political activist, discusses the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity’s (VIPS) letter to President Obama, calling for the release of evidence on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

07/29/14 Danny Muller

Danny Muller, an activist with the Middle East Children’s Alliance, discusses Israel’s destruction of the civilian infrastructure in Gaza, including water and power distribution.

07/28/14 Joshua Hughes

Joshua Hughes, an American expat living in Costa Rica, discusses why he is going on a hunger strike until Israel’s siege of Gaza ends.

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Today’s show: Nancy Yousef, Philip Weiss 12-3 eastern time

07/29/14 - Today’s show: Danny Muller, Ray McGovern, Ken Klippenstein 12-3 eastern

Today’s show: Danny Muller, Ray McGovern, Ken Klippenstein 12-3 eastern time

07/28/14 - Today: Eric Margolis, Joshua Hughes 12-3 eastern

Today: Eric Margolis, Joshua Hughes 12-3 eastern time

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