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12/08/11 – William Astore – The Scott Horton Show

William Astore, Professor of History and author of Hindenburg: Icon of German Militarism, discusses his article “Fighting 1% Wars: Why Our Wars of Choice May Prove Fatal;” how willy-nilly US interventions discount the chaotic and unpredictable nature of warfare, virtually guaranteeing blowback; the young Americans who regularly play video war games yet remain ignorant of actual US wars (while military drone pilots, sitting in comfy chairs in front of computer screens, resemble gamers); and how the US military has transformed into a foreign legion, detached from legitimate national security concerns and the public they supposedly protect.


June 15 – Today on Antiwar Radio

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Grant F. Smith, William Astore, Glenn Greenwald, Michael German

Today on Antiwar radio with Scott Horton:

William Astore will be on to discuss his latest piece Siamese Twins Sharing the Same Brain: How the Military and the Civilian Are Blurring in Washington. Read it here.

Bio: William J. Astore, a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF) and professor of history, is a TomDispatch regular


Grant F. Smith will be on to talk about the influence of AIPAC in the latest push for a war with Iran. Read his latest here.

Bio: Grant F. Smith is the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C.


Glenn Greenwald will be on to discuss the Wikileaks grand jury latest.

Bio: Glenn Greenwald is an American lawyer, columnist, blogger, and author. Greenwald worked as a constitutional and civil rights litigator prior to becoming a contributor (columnist and blogger) to Salon.com, where he focuses on political and legal topics. He has also contributed to other newspapers and political news magazines, including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The American Conservative, The National Interest, and In These Times.

Greenwald is the author of three books: How Would a Patriot Act? and A Tragic Legacy and Great American Hypocrites.

In October 2010, Greenwald won the Online Journalism Award for Best Commentary, for his investigative article on the arrest of U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning as the alleged leaker to WikiLeaks.


Michael German will be on to discuss the FBI’s new guidelines and why the ACLU is opposed to them. Read the background article here.

Bio: Michael German is an ACLU Senior Policy Counsel and former FBI Agent


Listen Live from 9:00 AM PT – 12:00 PM PT
http://lrn.fm/ or http://kaosradioaustin.org/

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02/17/09 – William Astore – The Scott Horton Show

Col. William Astore (Ret.), author of the article “Who’s Military is it Anyway” at TomDispatch.com, discusses the distinction between an all-volunteer and an all-recruited military, the increasing similarities between the U.S. military and the French foreign legion, the misguided push to re-institute the draft as an antiwar measure and how the characterizations of military deployments as “long wars” become self-fulfilling prophesies.


04/21/08 – William Astore – The Scott Horton Show

William Astore, professor of history at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, discusses his career at Cheyenne Mountain Missile Warning Center, the 15 separate buildings within it, its turning from a protective space to target with improvements in nuclear yield and missile accuracy, the continuing danger of accidental nuclear war with Russia, the necessity of the abolition of these obsolete weapons of indiscriminate killing, the dangerous mindset of the average government job-holder, Ronald Reagan’s desire and failure to make a deal for total abolition at Reykjavik and America’s current aggressive stance toward Russia.