9/15/17 John Kiriakou on blowing the whistle on the CIA torture network

Famed whistleblower John Kiriakou, the former chief of counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan, returns to the show to discuss his latest book on Abu Zubaydah "The Convenient Terrorist" which he co-authored with Guantanamo whistleblower Joseph Hickman. Kiriakou retells his history at the CIA and explains why the crux of the Abu Zubaydah saga were Zubaydah's lies about supposed ties between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, which helped the U.S. spin the lies that led to the Iraq War. Kiriakou...

The Antiwar Comic: War Crimes Paradox

Bradley Manning is getting a push these days with the trial heating up.  (Although, who really knows what's going on when they won't let the crowd-funded stenographer in.) Let's all hope Bradley goes free.  If not after this trial, maybe he'll get pardoned after the next presidential election. For more comics visit: