The Antiwar Comic: Interventionists Vacations

You know, all these Interventionists who claim to free countries---  Do they actually visit the countries they "free"?  Of course not.  It would be something like this comic up here.  And speaking of which, today's Antiwar Comic features a familiar face. For more comics visit.

The Antiwar Comic: The Last Letter

I was really moved by the plight of Tomas Young.  I remember Bush's speech after 9/11 and all I could think was, "Crap, this is going to stir things up.  Of all the shifty politicians to get so high and mighty---  This can't be good."  I've tried to talk a few people out of joining the military.  Was successful at least once.  Anyhow, you have to admire a guy that goes through this and comes around.  It's a shame he had to go through such pain. For more comics visit the Webcomic...

The Antiwar Comic: War Crimes Paradox

Bradley Manning is getting a push these days with the trial heating up.  (Although, who really knows what's going on when they won't let the crowd-funded stenographer in.) Let's all hope Bradley goes free.  If not after this trial, maybe he'll get pardoned after the next presidential election. For more comics visit:

The Antiwar Comic: Sexy, Sexy War

I think I wrote this right around the time of the second or third Transformers movie.  I forget which one, but it's the one that turns into a commercial for Navy Seals about two thirds of the way through.  It annoys the Hell out of me that movie theaters play this elaborate commercials for the military and that I paid for those commercials.  Why does the Army need to recruit?  Shouldn't the "threat" to our country be enough incentive?  Of course, there's no real threat, which is why they...

The Antiwar Comic: Protesting in the 21st Centure

This comic was inspired by what I saw as a lost opportunity by the Daily Show and the Colbert Report to make their rally lasting and important.  Although I thought it was entertaining, ultimately I felt it could've gone much, much further. For more comics, visit our main site at We've also got a Kickstarter this month for one of our other comics.