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12/02/09 – Scott Ritter – The Scott Horton Show

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter discusses the post-Gulf War politicization of United Nations weapons inspections, the rigid 100 percent compliance mandate that guaranteed Iraqi failure, how Madeleine Albright halted invasive inspections that could have verified Iraq’s disarmament, Bill Clinton’s determination to keep sanctions on Iraq until Saddam Hussein was deposed, the misuse of UN inspectors as intelligence agents and provocateurs, the attempt to assassinate Hussein during Operation Desert Fox, Ritter’s personal attempts to debunk the propaganda leading up to the 2003 Iraq War, Colin Powell’s much ballyhooed and easily disproven (even at the time) 2003 UN presentation and why the US is populated with sheep instead of citizens.


Antiwar Radio: Scott Ritter, James Bamford and Glenn Greenwald

Scott Ritter, James Bamford and Glenn Greenwald were guests for the 11/17/09 KPFK Pacifica Radio edition of Scott Horton’s Antiwar Radio show.

The show is about an hour long and can be listened to here, beginning at 1:29 into the recording.

Scott Ritter discusses the Iranian nuclear program, James Bamford discusses the national surveillance state and Glenn Greenwald discusses what the upcoming Khalid Sheikh Muhammad trial in New York means for the rule of law.


09/29/09 – Scott Ritter – The Scott Horton Show

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter discusses the overblown “gotcha” revelation of the “secret” Iranian nuclear facility, how the wonkish debate over IAEA Additional Protocol minutiae turned into accusations that Iran is building nukes, the secret Saudi, U.K. and U.S. funding of opposition candidates in the Iranian election and the likely disastrous results of a war with Iran.


06/30/09 – Scott Ritter – The Scott Horton Show

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter discusses the withdrawal caveats that could keep U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely, the Iraqi army’s inability to maintain order, Maliki’s pursuit of short-term oil profits at the expense of Iraq’s future, the Obama administration’s lack of moral courage for a messy withdrawal and how the acceptance of U.S. funding by Iranian opposition groups destroys their credibility.


05/14/09 – Scott Ritter – The Scott Horton Show

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter discusses the newly assertive U.S. role in relations with Israel, how ending nationalism-inspiring threats against Iran will allow a moderate government to take hold, Israel’s inability to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities without U.S. help, how missile defense provokes nuclear proliferation and why nuclear weapons can and should be abandoned in our lifetimes.


07/11/08 – Scott Ritter – The Scott Horton Show

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter discusses the likelihood of a U.S. attack on Iran and the smokescreen of diplomatic progress, how Iran’s recent promise of retaliation has raised the stakes by ensuring limited U.S. strikes would be inadequate, how facts and reason are irrelevant since the neocons in command believe they can generate their own realities, the need for Congress to reduce the level of tension not increase it with their current pending Iran war resolutions, how the War Party’s aggressive rhetoric towards Iran only helps their hardliners, Iran’s nuclear program as pretext for regime change, the dubious origins of the “smoking laptop,” the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. against Iran and the need for American business to demand Congress put an end to the march to war.


12/06/07 – Scott Ritter – The Scott Horton Show

Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine and UN weapons inspector and author of Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change, discusses the new Iran NIE, its confirmation of his long-held contention that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, the lack of hard evidence that they ever did, the illogic of the administration’s demands that Iraq and now Iran prove a negative, the mysterious origin of the “smoking laptop,” his patriotism, the state of Iran’s compliance with the IAEA, the possibility that the timing of the NIE’s release was a preemptive action against Mohamed ElBaradei’s upcoming report on the last outstanding questions, the lies claiming Iran is backing enemies of the U.S. in Iraq, the necessity of withdrawal, his case that the total debacle of the Iraqi occupation is the result of abject incompetence, the danger to U.S. troops in Iraq in the event of war with Iran, his admiration for Ron Paul and the need of the American people to destroy the careers of their warmonger representatives.