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03/12/12 – Saul Landau – The Scott Horton Show

Saul Landau, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, discusses his article “Malice v. Nobility: Scooter Libby v. Bradley Manning;” how Libby managed to “out” Valerie Plame, instigate the Iraq War, and get convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice without spending a day in prison (thanks to Bush’s commutation); why Manning would now be a free man if he had massacred Iraqi civilians instead of (allegedly) leaking classified information exposing the dirty deeds of the US government and military; and why, if anyone can be said to have “blood on his hands,” it’s Libby, not Manning.


02/05/09 – Saul Landau – The Scott Horton Show

Saul Landau, author of the article “Repudiating the Monroe Doctrine,” discusses the history of the Monroe Doctrine from its origin in 1823 to the present, the little known reciprocity that the U.S. would not meddle in European spheres of influence if the European colonial nations did the same in the Western hemisphere, the evolution of U.S. power projection from military force to CIA-led coups to the IMF and neoliberal wealth schemes, the total failure of the war on drugs and the increasing rejection of U.S. influence in Central and South American countries.