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04/26/12 – Robert Wenzel – The Scott Horton Show

Robert Wenzel discusses his speech delivered at the New York Federal  Reserve Bank; why an independent audit of gold deposited at Fort Knox is long overdue; the many Fed economists who don’t have a basic  understanding of opposing schools of thought; why students of Austrian economics saw the housing bubble forming early on; how ideological  tunnel-vision and  ambitions for career advancement create institutional blindness at the Fed; and why all the bailed-out financial institutions are headed by Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan alumni.


11/08/11 – Robert Wenzel – The Scott Horton Show

Robert Wenzel discusses the profligate spending, excessive debt, and resentful bailouts plaguing the European Union; why the European Central Bank will soon begin printing money as furiously as the Fed (since the other option is defaulting on bank-owned debt, which can’t be allowed); why gold will quickly revert to the default currency when worldwide inflation runs amok; the inordinate number of wealthy individuals in tax-feeding Washington DC; how the Social Security deficit drastically lowers the demand for treasury bonds; and whether massive military cuts would depress the domestic job market or begin a post-WWII type boom.