Republicans: The Party of Limited Constitutional Government

Right. Like the PATRIOT Act, "enemy combatant" status, the Unitary Executive theory, massive felony warrantless wiretapping and data-mining of all Americans, undeclared wars based on deliberate lies, torture, political prosecutions, bogus terrorism cases, 3 Trillion dollar budgets, massive expansions of the welfare state and Federal control over public schools, proposed constitutional amendments to ban gay people from getting married, and the endless shouting of Traitor! at any American who...

Ha ha, Republicans

I'm already dreading Democratic monopoly government. And yet, I have to laugh at the Republicans right now. After 40 years, you finally captured Congress in '94. You worked with Clinton to expand the government. You covered up his crimes. Six years later, you got the presidency. For eight years now, you've had it all. You've doubled the national debt in less than a decade. You've slaughtered a million people. You've torn the soul out of the Bill of Rights. Today, Americans said no to your...

Keep Running, Ron

Here, Eric Garris and I lay out our argument for Ron Paul to ditch the GOP and his campaign's conservative triangulation strategy, seek the Libertarian nomination, and keep on running.

Rep. Ron Paul M.D.: American Hero

Go Ron! Love from Stress to you, sir! And on Kudlow. John Nichols in the Nation, via Lew Rockwell. All Ron Paul 10/09/07 Debate in Michigan: Also, NRO's Dave Kopel, disagrees on the war, loves Ron Paul anyway.