Ha ha, Republicans

I’m already dreading Democratic monopoly government. And yet, I have to laugh at the Republicans right now.

After 40 years, you finally captured Congress in ’94. You worked with Clinton to expand the government. You covered up his crimes.

Six years later, you got the presidency. For eight years now, you’ve had it all. You’ve doubled the national debt in less than a decade. You’ve slaughtered a million people. You’ve torn the soul out of the Bill of Rights.

Today, Americans said no to your ridiculous character politics and politics of fear of the other.

Today, Americans decided they didn’t want at least your particular type of sick warmongering.

Today, they said they don’t trust you with their wallets any more than anyone else.

Today, they decided they hated you so much, they’d even prefer the Democrats to you. Hahahahaha.

Sometimes we have forgotten how bad the Republicans are. No matter how bad the future is, let us not forget again.

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And here’s Lew Rockwell to remind you of how bloodthirsty, belligerent and nationalist they are.

10 thoughts on “Ha ha, Republicans”

  1. stevec

    Hey AG why are you covering up the big GOP win…. Mitch McConnell will be back for another 6 years! Go Mitch!!! Yeah!!!

  2. Corkey

    Scott, Time to role out the Menchen bumper sticker for this occasion.  You know the one about people going for the biggest liar.  Please do it as today is my birthday.

  3. Rocketman

    Man o man do I ever agree with you Scott.  Let me just add that what the RNC should do TODAY is to expell every Neo-Con and Neo-Con supporter from their midst and tell them if they ever show their faces around there again they’ll get out the tar and feathers!!!  The Republicans need to return to their roots, limited government, less taxes, more individual rights and not sticking their noses into every other countries business.  Right now they have just ONE individual that gets it and that’s Ron Paul.

  4. Pam

    So, will the Republicans turn to Palin for future leadership?  What a great way to guarantee that they will remain irrelevant in the future!  Both of my parents were Republicans, but that was before the party was taken over by the neo-cons and the Religious Right.  The Republican party (now known as the Repugnant party) will never get my support until it returns to its small-government, pro-individual-liberties roots.  I pray that the 30-year neo-con hell that we’ve been living under has finally come to an end. 

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