1/4 of an Iran Debate

On April 1, 2010 I participated in a panel discussion at the University of California at Riverside titled "Obama's challenge: Iran, Nuclear Weapons & the Mideast" with Reese Erlich, Larry Greenfield and Christopher Records - here is some of my part. Thanks to Mansoor Sabbagh for the video. Reese Erlich's part here.

Live or Memorex?

In the comment section, Eots (Enemy of the State) writes: Scott, I’m really going to miss the live broadcast. The interviews are great, but frankly a guest has a tough act to follow when they come in after one of your rants. I discovered your program via the AWR interviews, but once I started tuning in to the whole broadcast, I said damn - this guy’s good. That’s where you truly shine my man, and I know you’ve said you have a ‘need’ to just get on the mic and scream about things. I hope you...


Say, this one is for all you Stress regulars who listen to the show all the time: I need you to help me pick a rant or two for demo material. If there's an old one and you happen to know the date and approximate 15-min segment within which I said it or something, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to just keep doing what I always do and hopefully within a week or two we'll have come up with something. What do you say?