Live or Memorex?

by | Jan 17, 2009 | Stress Blog | 55 comments

In the comment section, Eots (Enemy of the State) writes:

Scott, I’m really going to miss the live broadcast. The interviews are great, but frankly a guest has a tough act to follow when they come in after one of your rants. I discovered your program via the AWR interviews, but once I started tuning in to the whole broadcast, I said damn – this guy’s good.

That’s where you truly shine my man, and I know you’ve said you have a ‘need’ to just get on the mic and scream about things. I hope you won’t deprive your audience and yourself for too long.

My question is, who agrees with Eots? There are certainly more people who listen to the interviews than the live show or even the archive of the entire show. Then again we only push the interviews at AWC…

Anyway, so do you guys and girls think the live part of the show is important or really it’s the interviews that matter?

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