07/16/12 – John Taylor – The Scott Horton Show

John Taylor discusses his critical book review on David Fromkin's widely-read and respected A Peace to End All Peace; how Fromkin minimizes the Arab contribution to Allied victory against the Ottoman Empire in WWI; and Fromkin's omission of the 1915 British offer of an independent Greater Syria - including Palestine - to the Arabs for fighting the Turks (predating the 1917 Balfour Declaration, in which Britain offered to help establish a Jewish state).

02/13/08 – John Taylor – The Scott Horton Show

Middle East expert John Taylor discusses Bush and his lackey Elliot Abram’s successful efforts to do nothing at all to help achieve peace in Palestine, the dishonest media, Tom Lantos’ participation of the 'babies left to die on the cold floor' hoax of 1990, Abram’s role in Iran-Contra, racist zealotry, .