Rudy Giuliani Got A Bunch of Heroic Firefighters Killed on 9/11

Due to his criminal negligence: The Village Voice says he put the Command Center at Bld. 7 so he could cheat on his Cousin/Wife with his puppy torturing and murdering concubine of his (now his wife) within walking distance from work. Update: Steve C. clears up who he was cheating on and with in BLD7 in the comment section.

Il Duce Giuliani Has Decided Waterboarding is Torture

If the people who do it aren't U.S. government employees. Writes Andrew Sullivan: He tells the truth about what Bush and Cheney believe. Asked in Iowa last night whether he believed that waterboarding was torture, he replied: "It depends on who does it." If the Khmer Rouge does it, it's torture. If the United States does it, it's not. This man cannot be allowed to be president of the United States. He believes that the United States is above morals and the president of the United States is...