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05/19/09 – Chalmers Johnson – The Scott Horton Show

Chalmers Johnson, author of the indispensable Blowback trilogy, discusses the evolution of his view of the Cold War and American empire since the fall of the Soviet Union, the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar and world empire, Obama’s LBJ guns and butter trap, the kicking-out of the empire by the people of Latin America, the danger of further intervention in Pakistan, the ongoing rape of Okinawa and America’s relationship with Russia.


02/03/09 – Chalmers Johnson – The Scott Horton Show

Chalmers Johnson, author of Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, discusses the enormous and expanding U.S. defense budget amidst a general economic collapse, the army of defense lobbyists ready to fight against any spending cuts, how military spending diverts economic resources away from beneficial uses and how defense contractors make the largest and most dubious defense projects into sacred cows by spreading production to as many congressional districts as possible.


07/29/08 – Chalmers Johnson – The Scott Horton Show

Chalmers Johnson, former CIA analyst and author of the Blowback Trilogy, discusses his recent article: “The Military-Industrial Complex-It’s Much Later Than You Think” explaining the pervasive privatization of the intelligence industry, the history of corporatism and empire in America, total corruption of Congress and the inevitable end of empire.

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01/23/08 – Chalmers Johnson – The Scott Horton Show

Chalmers Johnson discusses his recent article, “How To Sink America,” how U.S. politicians and candidates refuse to discuss the looming economic collapse, the staggering amount we spend on our military, how the “defense” industry is our only prosperous sector, the failure of our educational system, America’s pipe dream of global domination, the similarity between America and the Roman Empire in structure, overextended militarism, and inevitable collapse, the impossibility of maintaining a republican form of government and an empire, and, of course, the principle of blowback.