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07/19/10 – Bruce Fein – The Scott Horton Show

Bruce Fein, author of American Empire: Before the Fall, discusses the domestic consequences of foreign empire, the very fast transition from republic to empire in American history, the changing of the presidency from chief executive to permanent war commander, the simple truth that terrorism is a reaction to, not the reason for American interventionism in the Middle East, Faisal Shazad’s explanation of how this works to a federal judge in New York recently, an example of how empire’s bring themselves down, the morality and effectiveness of a peaceful state with an explicit nuclear deterrent, the long, long list of new powers claimed by the president since 9/11 and the secrecy surrounding it all, the war powers of the presidency as the core of our problem, the Washington D.C. imperial court, how to restore the republic and why we have to try.


06/30/09 – Bruce Fein – The Scott Horton Show

Bruce Fein, associate deputy attorney general under Ronald Reagan, discusses restoring the rule of law to the executive branch of government, the unprosecuted torture and FISA violations that are piling up, Obama’s impeachable neglect of his duty to faithfully execute the law and why a presidential pardon and not selectively ignoring the law is the way to deal with politically sensitive crimes.


08/03/07 – Bruce Fein – The Scott Horton Show

Bruce Fein, former Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the Reagan administration and co-founder of the American Freedom Agenda, explains the broad powers over Americans’ property claimed by George Bush in his new executive order, “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq.” Fein says that Senator Hillary Clinton’s property could be seized under this order for “undermining the Iraqi government” by asking the Pentagon if they have a plan for withdrawal, which she was denounced for doing just last week by Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy, Eric Edelman. Also, the American Freedom Agenda, the Unitary Executive theory, the “living Constitution,” NSA spying, National Security Letters and administrative subpoenas.