Bob Barr on Waco

One of Bob Barr's most heroic moments was when he, more than most in his party, stood up to the Clinton administration during the hearings on the 1993 Waco tragedy. It was one of those things that, despite an otherwise mostly statist congressional record, separated him from others and revealed a libertarian streak which, as the story goes, has only expanded and deepened since 9/11. Well, toward the end of a recent interview of Barr by Glenn Beck, Waco came up -- his first public mention of it,...

03/25/08 – Bob Barr – The Scott Horton Show

Former Congressman Bob Barr discusses the possibility of running for President on the Libertarian Party ticket, the necessity of a new political realignment of right and left to end the war in Iraq and protect the Bill of Rights, the importance of ending the current regime of torture and murder and the destruction of the rule of law which used to forbid such things and the authority of the Congress to decide on matters of war and peace.