05/19/11 – Steven Greenhut, Gene Berkman, and John Seiler – The Scott Horton Show

Steven Greenhut, Gene Berkman and John Seiler, friends and coworkers with the late Alan Bock, discuss Alan’s life and legacy; his libertarian roots dating from the late 60s; his advocacy of free market environmentalism; and his consistently good-humored nature – in contrast to the typical cantankerous libertarian – during a writing career dedicated to freedom and anti-interventionism.

03/04/09 – Alan Bock – The Scott Horton Show

Alan Bock, senior editorial writer at the Orange County Register and regular Antiwar.com columnist, discusses the escalating drug-related violence in Mexico, how the Prohibition regulatory framework idled by the 21st Amendment found a second life policing marijuana use, the allure of black-market profits and the counterproductive and predictable results of the war on drugs.

02/04/09 – Alan Bock – The Scott Horton Show

Alan Bock, senior editorial writer at the Orange Country Register, discusses how Alan Greenspan's easy-money policy created a war bubble concurrent with the housing/consumer spending bubble, the unfortunate historical victory of Hamiltonian central banking over the Jeffersonian decentralized model, Afghanistan's well-earned reputation as the graveyard of empires and the merits of a South Africa style truth and reconciliation commission for the Bush administration.

Alan Bock on Antiwar Radio: YouTubed

My pal Zooey has done a great job on this one: Part 1, 2, 3, 4. By the way, notice that now in the middle column all the new Antiwar Radio YouTubes are posted automagically. Subscribe to Antiwar Radio's YouTube channel. We have 200 so far. Which I think is pretty good.

07/10/08 – Alan Bock – The Scott Horton Show

Alan Bock, author of the weekly column Eye on the Empire for Antiwar.com, discusses the question of whether the U.S. will attack Iran, the hurdles put up by the military brass to the neocons, the dismal shape of the military, the likely disaster to unfold in the event of war, William Odom, the shaky relationship between Russia and the U.S., how Russia may react to an attack on Iran and the debacles of American intervention throughout Africa.

04/01/08 – Alan Bock – The Scott Horton Show

Alan Bock, senior editorial writer at the Orange County Register and author of the regular column 'Eye on the Empire' for Antiwar.com, discusses the media sycophants who got it wrong, why we got it right, the military’s resistance to Cheney’s war with Iran, how Somalia was before the American-Ethiopia invasion, the case against the central state, the counterproductive and unwinnable 'war on terror,' John McCain’s militarist mindset, and the bogus excuses for staying in Iraq and the personal...

01/15/05 – Alan Bock – The Scott Horton Show

Scott talks with Alan Bock about the lack of accountability in the Bush Administration, the endless violence/destructive course of war, and the ingrained impossibility of a sustained occupation of Iraq. The rest of the show. Audio Stream MP3 Link