World Net Daily: Pro-al Qaeda

by | Jul 11, 2007 | Stress Blog | 12 comments

Obviously you knew that already. It has been obvious from the beginning that the policies Joe Farah supports have helped bin Laden’s movement more than even the Iranians, making Farah “objectively pro-terrorist.”

That much has been clear for some time, but now get this, via Mike Tennant at the LRC blog:

While al-Qaida and Hezbollah have, in the past, worked out strategic alliances when they have a common enemy like the U.S. [this is a lie, of course-SH], nothing could serve Western interests more than an all-out war between Iran and al-Qaida.

All we need to do is step aside and let them kill each other.

What could be easier?

Careful there Joey boy, you are putting the lie to the administration’s – and your own – claims that Iran is somehow allied with and supporting al Qaeda. Lies meant to justify your glee at the fact that now al Qaeda in Iraq guys are threatening war with Iran. You stupid ass.

There you have it folks, Iran does not support the terrorists who attacked America – and in fact considers them deadly enemies (though these facts should not be news to anyone at this point).

Why not, as VS suggested the other day, just go ahead and make al Qaeda part of Centcom like the MEK?

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