why your show sucks

i used to be a big fan of antiwar radio. i listened to you insult me
each day even tho i agreed with you on 90% of issues – everyone that
is not an anarchist “anarcho-capitalist” is a “stuuuuuupid”. yea,
anyone that is not a member of a ridiculous cult is a “stupid”. you
just kept it up. so i quit. i deleted my bestofantiwarradio youtube
channel because no one watched the vids unless it was about ron paul –
because people who are anti-war don’t want to be insulted. of course,
ron paul had as much chance as me or you or angela keaton or jason
ditz of being “president”. mostly because most people understand that
all politicians are full of shit even if they have a “pure” voting
record, but who cares? he blew it, big-time. just like lrn, who kicked
you off, due to non-listeners – like all of their shows. i am glad
that you are stuck on “no agenda” radio, with 100 or 150 listeners
most days, just like your lame conspiracy theory flaggot, jack blood.
keep begging for money, just like antiwar.com – while alienating
anyone that doesn’t agree with your cult on 99%+ of the issues. you
made your own hole. you will be off the air in a year, which is way
longer than i predicted back in 2007.

– non-“anarcho capitalist” (aka common sense guy), stephen

17 thoughts on “why your show sucks”

  1. Zooey Greif

    So, Stephen, what’s the name of your podcast internet radio show? Oh, what’s that? You don’t have one? Awww! I was hoping to listen to you fail for hours at a time day after day. Too bad for me.

  2. Scott Horton Post Author

    Oh, and for the record, I didn’t really quit LRN. I just don’t do the live show on there anymore. But they still play my archives, which is rad.

  3. b

    You ARE kind of an ass for insulting 9/11 truthers. God forbid anyone, including your CIA dudes Gareth Porter and Phil Giraldi, question the official story 11 years later! It’s not like that single event set our way of life into a downward spiral or anything, right? Yeah it’s better that we just swear by the official story. You’re willing to get your hands dirty on every other topic, but you don’t even entertain 9/11 truth, including some damn good arguments I’ve seen on your fb wall. Nobody says any of us know all the answers, but it is blatantly clear that there was no legit investigation into what happened. Sometimes I think you’re a totally down to earth guy, but others I think you’re a stuck up ego-maniac who back himself into a corner with that attitude that I actually dig most of the time. You must have some pretty compelling 9/11 evidence none of the rest of us have seen…Yank.

  4. b

    I’m going by memory, so maybe I was wrong on Giraldi AND Porter. Maybe, but I know at least one of them won’t drink the official kool-aid.

  5. montoya

    Sounds like a personal problem to me. Scott’s rants are better than Max Keiser’s. And if any of the people he interviews like Gareth Porter, the other Scott Horton, Pat Cockburn, John Glaser, Pepe Escobar, and Ray McGovern etc even gave me the time of day I would be honored, much less doing interviews in as much depth as Scott does.

  6. Joe Moraca

    From my experience the Scott Horton Show is not for everyone. So if you don’t like it don’t listen. Maybe you will be back.

    There are people that think Scott would be much more successful if he “turned it down a few notches” – that may be true but I listen to get the slap in the face — it may hurt to call the president a baby killer but babies are being killed in “accidents” of war.

    I enjoy the show the way it is – I listen to keep up with the foreign affairs news and to be entertained. With the news Scott and his guests report on I need the offbeat humor and music – I would never have heard / bought Immortal Technique without hearing it on the show.

  7. Bob Bogus

    Dang. That critique sounds like my typical day at work hearing from co-workers and such. Guess I am lucky to still have a job.

  8. TonyDiGerolamo

    It’s so weird that he takes your show so personal. And rather looking inward at his own anger (guilty conscience perhaps?) he looks outward to blame…the guy he supposedly believes in 90% of the time? What a weirdo.

  9. TimCaffery

    Granted, Scott’s anti-war rhetoric isn’t totally inline with traditional nonviolent philosophy, as exemplified by such figures as Gandhi, MLK, Suu Kyi, Chavez, etc., etc. But his verbal criticizing isn’t the primary reason, MLK compared the US public to the Nazi public plenty of times. Thats some real sh!t. Its really that Scott advocates corporal and/or capital punishment of identifiable perpetrators. Other than that he stands unrelentingly against the system of war/empire, and he does it with true courage.
    Delivery is really irrelevant. Did MLK’s soft, yet articulately sharp delivery get his message across any better? Ok, maybe temporarily, but taking into account the current American experience of “people of color”, particularly ‘African-Americans’, MLK’s beautifully delivered message of human dignity, sure, isn’t as offensive as Scott’s vernacular, but it isn’t any more relevant in public opinion. So to reproduce that model would be like trying to get a Chinese person to understand English by shouting really loud (in English), “DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING?”
    Keep it up, guys.

  10. joe from austin

    The show definitely does not suck. I have been listening for years and maybe by my own ignorance I am yet to find another show that keeps me better informed of the doin’s of the Empire better than this this show.
    Scott, something to think about though and I can’t recall this being brought up…What if the war in Syria and Iraq was also about correcting what the British a 100 years ago messed up and we been living with the consequences ever since. Think about it, the Shiite majority now has Baghdad and it is only a matter of time that the Sunnis will get Damascus and Aleppo. Isn’t this really the way it should be based on demographics? Did the Empire do this this intentionally?? I don’t know but if you could pose the question in your interviews it could lead to interesting debates. Thanks from a fellow Austinite!

  11. Adam

    Common Sense Man is a useful idiot who will undoubtedly live the rest of his life in blissful ignorance. Keep up the good work, Scott!

  12. fuji

    you really do need to learn some manners as an interview host. you are like a little, egocentric kid who cannot really listen and jumps in to interrupt even your most loyal (and i suspect long-suffering)guests, who put up with your constant interjections and spasms of misplaced passion, until you finally shut up and let them make their points. i do like your guests and i realize you do know a great deal of background and “history.” but you make it very hard for listeners when you cut them off abruptly to start riffing about whatever it is that’s passing thru your swollen head at the moment. no kidding, i’m glad you’re doing the show and giving attention to important ideas the MSM just muffles completely but your disrespectful attitude and childish interruptions are making me wish you shut up and let them finish their points before you jump to show how cool and informed you are. i mean this in the best spirit of constructive criticism–not to rag on you. your guests and their subjects are important, so throttle your considerable ego and knowledge and let them speak–at least until they’ve had their say.

    regards from an irritated fan.

  13. Midwest Guy

    Keep up the good work scott and thank u for never selling out and continuing to work for peanuts.

    Don’t listen to those who are “only trying to help” and calling you “childish” “swollen headed” and telling you to “shut up” and “learn some manners”

    Really!? Scott needs to learn some manners as you are hurling insults every sentence. Sounds like an integrity issue to me. And what are you doing on a daily basis for the cause of liberty mr Fuji ?

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