why your show sucks

by | Oct 21, 2012 | Stress Blog | 17 comments

i used to be a big fan of antiwar radio. i listened to you insult me
each day even tho i agreed with you on 90% of issues – everyone that
is not an anarchist “anarcho-capitalist” is a “stuuuuuupid”. yea,
anyone that is not a member of a ridiculous cult is a “stupid”. you
just kept it up. so i quit. i deleted my bestofantiwarradio youtube
channel because no one watched the vids unless it was about ron paul –
because people who are anti-war don’t want to be insulted. of course,
ron paul had as much chance as me or you or angela keaton or jason
ditz of being “president”. mostly because most people understand that
all politicians are full of shit even if they have a “pure” voting
record, but who cares? he blew it, big-time. just like lrn, who kicked
you off, due to non-listeners – like all of their shows. i am glad
that you are stuck on “no agenda” radio, with 100 or 150 listeners
most days, just like your lame conspiracy theory flaggot, jack blood.
keep begging for money, just like antiwar.com – while alienating
anyone that doesn’t agree with your cult on 99%+ of the issues. you
made your own hole. you will be off the air in a year, which is way
longer than i predicted back in 2007.

– non-“anarcho capitalist” (aka common sense guy), stephen

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