Why the US Should Leave Iraq Immediately

by | Oct 23, 2006 | Stress Blog | 17 comments

Intrepid Washington reporter Robert Dreyfuss interviews Salah Mukhtar, who is “close” to the Iraq opposition. It’s clearly as bad or worse than you think.

Our choices seem to be:

1. Stay the course, installing the dictatorship of the Iran parties,
2. Switch sides back to Saddam’s Ba’athists,
3. Break the former country into three, “hardening” the soft regional borders (and leaving many stuck on the “wrong” side of them), or
4. Get out now and leave no more guilty than at present.

It has been three and a half years of this Tom Palmer-style, “we can’t leave until we make everything better” strategy, and everything has only gotten worse. It is for the people of that land to determine their future.

As for the pro-American quislings there, it is only fair that the government provide them all entry to the most pro-war American states. Or better, the houses of the War Party‘s highest members.

No more bullshit. This war, which America had no right to wage in the first place, is lost – has been lost.

All U.S. forces out of Iraq now!

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