Why it’s the government’s fault that crackheads keep stealing my stereo:

by | Nov 15, 2006 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

The prohibition of goods – the State’s threat of imprisonment for those caught trading in those goods – drives up the cost of warehousing and shipping those goods due to the risk being taken by those doing the warehousing and shipping, who then pass the cost on to the consumer – in this case, local crackheads.

The DEA admitted on TV not long ago – no link, but I remember – that cocaine costs 17,000% more than the free-market price because of their prohibition of it.

So a $20 rock would be basically free if it wasn’t for the God-Damned Government pretending they own people and driving up the price.

And they wouldn’t keep stealing my stereo to get high.

Fucking crackheads.

God-Damned Government.

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