Who is Ron Paul?

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Though I have held Dr. Ron Paul in the very highest regard for many years now, I have been very happy in the last weeks to have read the words “I just heard of Ron Paul” and “Wow, who is Ron Paul anyway?” over and over as his heroic stand for the truth in last Tuesday’s debate against Rudy Giuliani’s propaganda that al Qaeda targets America for our goodness has catapulted him to national fame.

Dr. Paul is not just a congressman. He is a true and tireless champion of liberty and the structures of our constitutional republic which protect it: The Constitution, its first ten amendments – all of them – the separations of powers, checks and balances and due process for all under threat of state action.

As Lew Rockwell writes today:

“I’m willing to predict that a hundred years from now and more, when all the current office holders are all but forgotten, Ron Paul’s name will be remembered as a bright light in dark times.”

I have no doubt that this is true.

Americans who are tired of American aggression overseas and the expansion and centralization of police power in Washington, and specifically the Presidency; those who place the U.S. Bill of Rights as the most important legacy of the founding generation and mean for their kids to be protected by it; those who worry whether it is sound policy to spend 3 trillion dollars on our government every year; those who would like to know more about the only congressman – probably ever – to give much of his expense money back to the U.S. Treasury every year… Allow me introduce you to Dr. Paul at his finest:

How Long Will the War With Iraq Go on Before Congress Notices? February 2, 1999

Urging Caution on Action Taken Against Iraq February 12, 1998
During debate on the Iraq Liberation Act

A Republic, If You Can Keep It February 2, 2000

Is America a Police State? June 27, 2002

Questions That Won’t Be Asked About Iraq September 10, 2002

Opposing the Use of Military Force Against Iraq October 10, 2002

Unintended Consequences November 14, 2002
“Al Qaeda likely will get a real boost in membership once the war breaks out.”

Sorry Mr. Franklin, We’re All Democrats Now January 29, 2003

Neo-conned! July 10, 2003

Torture, War and Presidential Powers June 15, 2004

Suicide Terrorism July 14, 2005

Why We Fight September 8, 2005

The End of Dollar Hegemony February 16, 2006

The Original American Foreign Policy March 16, 2007

I could keep going, but if you’ve read this far you get the point by now.

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