What’s the Difference?

by | Apr 12, 2006 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

Jeff Fleece is the name of a local punk-ass Republican Warbot, who in his recent primary race for Texas State House District 50 sent out a mailer claiming that his Republican Liberty Caucus competition, Don Zimmerman, was a flag burner.

“While Jeff Fleece was defending the flag, Don Zimmerman was burning it.”

It’s true. Zimmerman did burn the flag – The UN flag.

Why, that un-patriotic son-of-a-bitch!

I heard second hand a story about a man who was approached by the long arm of the law on the subject of his placement of Don Zimmerman signs on the public right of way.

“Isn’t he the guy who burned the flag?” the “law enforcement” officer asked?

“Yes, the UN flag,” answered the volunteer happily.

“What’s the difference?” asked the cop.

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