What the Hell is going on inside these people’s brains?

by | Feb 4, 2007 | Stress Blog | 8 comments

Wow, the President has finally shown up at one of our Democrat get-togethers! Here’s my big chance to say something critical right to his face!

“According to some Democrats present, Rep. Susan A. Davis (Calif.) told Bush about her concern that the military is fighting a war without the rest of the country sharing the sacrifice.”

My problem is that your policies just don’t hurt enough people. It’s not fair!

Au contraire, replied the Decider er, Decision-Maker:

“Bush disagreed with that proposition, according to the Democrats there; he said that the war is psychologically draining for the entire country and that it is “sapping our souls” in some ways.”

No shit, huh?

I doubt Shang Tsung┞¢ could sap more of my soul than is lost everytime a damned Communist/Democrat opens their fucking mouth in my “defense” from the Fascists/Republicans (who ought to be bad enough for anybody).

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