What a Nazi Rudy Giuliani is:

Remember what you already knew by reading this.

5 thoughts on “What a Nazi Rudy Giuliani is:”

  1. Mace Price

    …As the Nov ’08 election approaches, and if you take polls seriously—Giuliani seems to be steadily losing his electoral appeal…Which in my opinion had something of an ephemeral quality to it to begin with…Now we add Bloomberg and the Machinations of Rohm Emanuel, a Democratic House, AIPAC, AEI, PNAC, JINSA et al’s Carte Blanche to the mix?—And you may well be witness to some unprecedented events in The Political History of The United States. Previous to these “announcements” I had conjectured Sen. John Kerry in the role now being assumed by, uhhh His Honor Mr. Bloomberg…Close but no cigar huh?…It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see what’s happening here; and I promise you that you will not like it. I already don’t.

  2. Bob Bogus

    I’d like to see Ghouliani take on Ozzies spam filter. The spam filter would kick his ass.

  3. Antiwar Aficionado

    Giuliani has done more to bolster the name recognition of Ron Paul than any other Republican.

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