Way to go Angela!

by | Jul 2, 2006 | Stress Blog | 10 comments


My good friend, and sometimes partner in criminal/subversive activities, Angela Keaton, was elected today to the Libertarian Party National Committee.

Also, she said at least one of the whiny, pro-war, Libertarian “moderate” leaders has quit the party, I suppose to go back to the Republicans where he belongs.

It’s either my friend Ernest Hancock or Bill Redpath – who I don’t know, but they say is antiwar – for chair.

Individualism in American politics is not dead yet.

Update: Redpath won for Chair, Chuck Molten for vice-chair, Geoff Neal for Treasurer, Austinite and TXPL chair, Pat Dixon also won an at large seat while the results of Texas LP executive director Wes Benedict’s run for a regional seat is yet to be decided. Angela also reports that a substantial portion of the platform has been gutted by the Republican pro-war bitch-asses. No details yet on which parts.

Also: Check out Sy Hersh’s new one for the New Yorker. (At least they’ve taken nukes off the table.)

Update: Re: Hersh: Listen to him on NPR.

Listen to The Scott Horton Show