War Loses, Again

by | Nov 9, 2006 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

By Lew Rockwell

“What do regular Americans care whether we were lied into war or that Iraq suffers under military occupation that is driving the country into the hands of fanatical Islamic theocrats? Well, apparently many voters do care, even those who don’t have family members fighting and dying.

Many people voted based on what might otherwise seem to be an abstraction. Bush undertook this war with arrogance and claims of god-like power. The result has been catastrophic. And apparently this amazing failure of government had an impact on the vote.

How very 19th century! How very extraordinary! It seems that a certain impulse toward idealism still can make the margin of difference. It’s not only about economic interest. Issues of peace and justice and truthfulness really do matter, even now. Ideas and not interests alone can still change the course of history, even in an age of cynical democracy in which buying and selling votes is said to be what matters.”

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