U.S. to Borrow/Print More Than Entire Cost of War This Year

USA Today says the federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2009 will be approximately 490,000,000,000 dollars.

That’s more than twice what the wars cost this year (though still less than the entire annual cost of the hard and software of empire).

Now tell me again how all this borrowing/inflation is supposed to be good for the economy again? Wait, what’s that, borrowing and inflation are terrible for the economy except when it’s for war, then it’s good? Do I have that right?

13 thoughts on “U.S. to Borrow/Print More Than Entire Cost of War This Year”

  1. Bob Bogus

    These morally bankrupt maggot bastards are financially bankrupting this country.Dang, Seator Tubes was indicted on 7 counts of giving false statements. If they’re gonna indict politicians on giving false statements they all gotta go!

  2. Bob Bogus

    Yah gotta watchout for that flesh eatin classified and that spewing classified, too.
    And WTF, new bill of rights?  Is that some kind of joke?  Where does it say these bastards get to make a new bill of rights?

      1. Bob Bogus

        Yeah, no classified birthing centers for now but I ain’t takin’ any chances on that classified spewin’ shit.
        Where’d Darin go?

  3. Bob Bogus

    Dang, can ya imagine what that bastard pig wouldda done if the dude was a skateboarder?

  4. Phil

    Bankruptcy is good for you.   Just like Hagee says:  Armageddon is good for you.   Bizarro World bumper stickers

  5. paul bass

    i don’t know about you  but i was taught in high school that the reason germany was left in ruin after ww1 was becuase they paid all there debts by printing more money and destroyed all of its value..

  6. paul bass

    Hey, check out this bastard pig
    for those who don’t know the nypd well they have an INTERNATIONAL COUNTER TERRORISM CENTER” so the nypd opperates in not just other cities in the us but other countries, they allso have there own spy agency…
    and apparently they are  getting hike up on steroids..
    how comforting to know that the nypd  is now an international criminal syndicate

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