US News’ Hate Speech Kills One Million-Plus

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So, the Brownshirts at U.S. News and World Report want to ban “hate speech” and have the state “round up” any American deemed to cross that line.

(Never-you-mind the 1st, 5th and 10th amendments. The Constitution, far from being the basis of all law in our society, is a joke of a long-dead letter, and we all know it.)

Well I just wanted to get a head start here and recommend to any federal prosecutors out there wishing to make their stripes and move up in the world that there is an open and shut case ready made right here for you: Round up and imprison the board, management, journalists, writers and staff of US News and World Report before their words help to incite others to kill again!

Back in 2002, US News and World Report were among the most prominent promoters of a vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about the innocent people of Iraq. (Yes, Arabs are Semites.)

These horrible and (ridiculous) lies could only have been motivated by one thing: hate.

Shopping spree: Iraq’s pursuit of weaponry, including nuclear technology, knows no bounds or boundaries

“A worldwide embargo begun in 1990 required Baghdad to get U.N. approval for virtually any item it wanted to import. But such legal niceties haven’t stopped the regime from scouring the world’s black markets for weaponry. And since 1998, the absence of inspectors and a relaxed U.N. embargo, coupled with Iraq’s growing sales of black-market oil, have allowed the regime to accelerate its purchases. “Saddam has a huge network,” says Khidhir Hamza, a former director of Iraq’s nuclear program, who defected. “He has a hundred front companies just in Jordan and Turkey.” Such outfits, analysts say, range from “one man, one fax” offices aimed at getting gas masks to sophisticated spy operations targeting nuclear technology.

Worldwide. To hide its trail, the regime is turning increasingly to independent arms dealers and multiple “cutouts” or fronts, officials say, making the shipments maddeningly difficult to track. Investigators have traced Iraq’s contacts to firms in Tunisia, the Czech Republic, and India, to name a few. “It’s not just the occasional guy in a bar with a kilo of uranium,” says Johan Peleman, a U.N. arms smuggling specialist. “It’s organized crime operating in a worldwide black market.”

Top-dollar payments don’t hurt, either, and the Iraqis can afford them. Once strapped for hard currency, Iraq’s earnings from black-market oil sales quadrupled to $3 billion in the past four years, according to a CIA report released last week. Thus, in recent years, Iraq has obtained rocket-fuel chemicals from India, magnets and high-precision electronic switches from Germany, and fiber-optic cables for air defense from China. Its agents have combed Africa for uranium, landing, among other places, in Niger and South Africa. “Iraq is cooperating with a number of new suppliers in China, India, Russia, Syria, and Eastern Europe,” according to an internal German customs report. Even Iraq’s old nemesis, Iran, has a cut of the action, officials say. …

Most worrisome is Saddam Hussein’s nuclear appetite. A recent British government dossier reveals a series of covert attempts by Iraq since 1998 to purchase vacuum pumps, specialized magnets, fluorine gas, and unique machines for filament winding and balancing. Considered alone, each item might be explained as a legitimate purchase. But in combination, say former weapons inspectors, they point to the kind of centrifuge-based system that Iraq, for a decade, has tried using to enrich uranium to weapons grade. “It’s industrial level,” says David Kay, the U.N.’s chief weapons inspector in the early 1990s. “They are after a Manhattan Project-sized program.”

As a direct result of this vile US News and World Report hate speech, more than a million Iraqis were murdered, many more wounded, more than 5 million were driven from their homes and tens of thousands were abused, tortured and otherwise humiliated.

Now here‘s US News passing on filthy, hateful anti-Persian conspiracy theories, claiming Iran is developing nuclear weapons, when even Adm. Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, says otherwise under oath.

Sounds like a prima facie case for locking Mort Zuckerman away (Abu Ghraib, the Salt pit?) to prevent his hateful lies about Iran from inciting us into a mass killing in their land the way he succeeded in Iraq, no?

Or is murder not murder when the victims are foreigners?

Thanks to Will Grigg.

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