Unbelievable and Yet Inescapable

by | Oct 2, 2007 | Stress Blog | 3 comments

What Bob said, that’s how I feel about the betrayal of of the American people by the lowest form of life on earth: The Democratic Congress. (Not that I ever thought they were anything but the worst people in the world, you understand.)

The Democrats, led by Reid and Pelosi, will live in history forever as the most craven, corrupt and despicable bunch of traitors in human history, on the level of Benedict Arnold, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Norman Podhoretz.

Recall just in the last few weeks how badly they have screwed us:

They have appropriated Bazillions of counterfeit dollars to continuing the inhuman slaughter in Iraq

Passed the Lieberman-Kyle bill accepting every possible false premise that Dick Cheney could ever need to site in order to spread the war to Iran

Passed the “Protect America” legalization of Bush’s impeach-and-removable violations of the 1978 FISA act

And now they want to pass a “War Tax” – on everyone?!!

Perhaps this is just a stunt with no chance, but it certainly reveals the sickening mindset of those who control our Congress.

They could end the war tomorrow, but will only go on pretending they can’t. And they apparently live to make examples of all of us.

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