They Hate Us for Our Financing the Qana Massacre

by | Jul 19, 2006 | Stress Blog | 6 comments

Re: Brutal Mistakes:

Thank you for the insight, Jim.

Remember too what effect the April 1996 Qana massacre had on one Osama bin Laden, who made particular mention of the Qana Massacre in his first “Fatwa” against the U.S. in August 1996.

As intelligence reporter James Bamford explained to me in April of 2004,

“[Bin Laden] freqently mentioned Qana during those times. It was a very inflaming incident in terms of his own development of his hatred for the United States, and as well for other people throughout the Middle East.”

Meanwhile, on Fox news today, I heard for the millionth time that the reason we have a problem with terrorists is because Ronald Reagan was such a coward, he “turned tail and ran,” from Lebanon after 241 Marines were truck bombed in 1983, leaving America’s enemies with the impression that they could influence American policies with terrorist attacks. What policies they may want to influence was not discussed. Nor was any explanation offered as to why they were in Beirut in the first place.

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