The Speech that Won Angela Keaton her seat on the LNC

by | Jul 10, 2006 | Stress Blog | 5 comments

Good morning, my name is Angela Keaton. When Ernie Hancock asked me to second his nomination, I asked him the inevitable question, “What would you like me to say?”

He said, “Talk about yourself.”

I think what he meant was speak from the gut, but I’ll indulge him anyway. You see I am one of those odd people. When other mothers were teaching their daughters about dresses and dolls. My mother told me of the evils of communism and the preciousness of freedom.

My father, well, was as normal as any dad who talks about Rand, Rothbard and free markets. Given that and some homeschool, it’s really quite amazing that I turned out this normal.

That’s why this *suit can see that Ernie Hancock’s entire life is a testament to freedom, privacy, autonomy and personal responsibility.

As we move away from the false dichotomy between whether we are a debating society or a political party, Ernie reminds us that grassroots is what politics is all about. Without activism, all we have is paper work, paper candidates and paper ballots to be tossed away like U.S.A Today.

The Libertarian Party has a special mission. Whether you desire a return to constitutional principles of our founding fathers or a brave futuristic utopia, the mission of the libertarian party remains the same–to be a guiding light of freedom in an unfree world.

We are the ones who uphold the American ideal. Ernie asks what the LP should be doing and some are concerned with credibility, respectability and appeals to nice people. We might do well to remember that credible people support taking marijuana from sick people, respectable people support gun confiscation and nice people stood by while a church burned in Waco, Texas.

I don’t care about nice. I care about truth. That’s why I am seconding the nomination for Ernest Hancock for chair.

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