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  1. Soca_Playa

    What’s the song you open the show with? The metal one that sounds like, “Public aims” or something.

  2. stevec


    Please ask……

    Are the Christian Zionist PUSHING/DRIVING policy?????

    Or is there eschatology merely being EXPLOITED by Militarists in USA and ISRAEL????

    ie…… are they what LENIN called “Useful Idiots.”

  3. AA

    You should also ask Max wtf do Israel’s supporters make of this unholy alliance with Hagee’s brainwashed useful idiots. There’s no way that Joseph Lieberman or Tom Delay can help but think these people are stark raving mad.

  4. stevec

    Scott….. I know your calling em dummies & what not – but they SEEMED to have $$…..

    Ie. They don’t seem like WV Trailer Trash to me……

  5. Lorne K

    With all respect we are already using nuclear weapons! Hell, the genie is already out of the bottle in the form of Depleted Uranium. It’s truly shocking stuff.

    If I have over looked Scott’s coverage on this issue in the past I do apologize.

    Here is a most excellent documentary film on the depleted uranium weapons that have already been used in Iraq and other countries.


    I understand the thread of your message, re: the insane “nuke Iran option” position being put forth by the War Party but at some point the issues surrounding the use of depleted uranium (weapon of mass destruction and a war crime) should be addressed.

    All the same Scott, yet another kick ass show in the books!

    (That Max Blumenthal piece is truly surreal!)

  6. Scott Post Author

    AA, Ya’ll,

    Thanks much. I didn’t have time to take notes, I hope I didn’t leave out any major wars…


    That’s Public Hangings by FEAR:

    Public hangings, they’ll sell hot dogs and beer
    Public hangings, there’ll be music by FEAR
    Public hangings, Our only hope is public hangings
    Somebody get a rope!

    “post millenial dispensationalists?”
    That’s the word I was looking for, but if I remember right from my interview with Bill Barnwell there were about 2 or 3 more adjectives in there.

    Also, I think it’s clear who’s zooming who in this relationship. They might have money, but there’s is an intellectualism satisfied by the TV movie version of the Wal Mart left behind series. “With Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains?” Ha!


    Re: Bill’s kiddos. Ha!


    I really haven’t covered DU in a few years. I’m sure the shit is poisonous, but I haven’t really put in the time to arrange to talk with real experts. Doug Rokke, I think, is not really credible enough. Dr. Prather doesn’t seem to think the stuff is that dangerous. His friend’s job was to try to make monkeys sick with it and couldn’t.

    I’ll check that Youtube link. If there are any real experts you’d like to point me to, please do.

    Also, DU should never be conflated with actual nuclear bombs.

    “Let’s not mince words. Our very lives depend upon truth.” – Bill Hicks

    Max Blumenthal had to do a last minute gig on CNN. He will join us next week.

  7. Gotyk

    Scott….Where can I get the copy of your autographed book. Excellent, to the point, history voyage in the first hour.

  8. Scott Post Author


    Scott….Where can I get the copy of your autographed book.

    Ask me again one year from now.

    Excellent, to the point, history voyage in the first hour.

    Thanks. I didn’t prepare for the show worth a shit, so I had to wing it. I’m glad it came off okay.

  9. Oscar Goldman

    My Daddy was in Vietnam. He did RADAR and tracked NVA/Soviet aircraft and SAMS. And he also, kept a close eye on recon images fresh from the Cambodian border, and helped decide where to put fresh new craters when the bombing began in earnest.

    There are a lot history lessons I could have learned from him… But he still believes in the US military, all that it does, and everything it did. There are some things we don’t talk about to keep things from getting too overheated.

  10. Mace Price

    …Ahmadinejhad ain’t gonna wipe anything off the map—The only Strategic Threat that regime presents is to teenage Homosexuals—Much less an Israel armed with thermo-Nuclear weapons and the US Defense Budget—At worst he’s running weapons and explosives across the Iraqi border to Shia elements and hoping for the most favorable Political outcome; this while talking the same Old Islamo-Macho shit they’ve all talked for 60 years—This when they’re not busy intriguing and assassinating one and other to the laughter of The US and Israel. In the dull eyes of the General Public—Cheney and his Zionist friends have succeeded in transforming a Capuchin Monkey…into King Kong. Go figure?

  11. Antiwar Aficionado

    If you get Max Blumenthal on your show you should also look into re-airing your interview with that evangelical Christian who explained what Hagee’s flock thinks about “the rapture” and why they are getting it wrong. Too bad I don’t remember his name. Also, I am disappointed that mainstream Protestant clergy aren’t doing more to debunk this nonsense coming from Hagee.

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