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for Tuesday:

Tomorrow I will be guest-hosting for the great Charles Goyette on his radio show in Phoenix. The six guests are all experts in debunking different parts of our government’s case for war with Iran, and I mean to use them all to demolish the War Party’s lies about Iran completely.

Here’s the lineup: “The case against the case against Iran”

(all times Pacific and AM)

6:00-6:15 Introduction – Me and the phones

6:15-6:40 Dr. Gordon Prather
Iran’s nuclear program

6:40-6:50 Juan Cole
Will help translate some Farsi

6:50-7:00 Me and the phones

7:00-7:15 Philip Giraldi
Iran and al Qaeda, US-friendly terrorists and the Nuke option

7:15-7:30 Robert Dreyfuss
Badr vs. Sadr and US support for Iran in Iraq

7:30-8:00 Gareth Porter
Iran behind the bombs killing our guys in Iraq and Afghanistan?, Gen. Bergner and the Stovepipe, The peace offer of 2003

8:00-8:15 Me and the phones

8:15-8:45 Justin Raimondo
The Neocons, their motives, the Old Right and Ron Paul.

8:45-9:00 Me and the phones

You can listen live from the Antiwar Radio page at or go here.

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