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14 thoughts on “The Show”

  1. MikeL

    when you say, “National government,” do you mean “Federal government?” Or do you have a different meaning to National?

  2. Scott Post Author

    I use “national” because the true meaning of federal refers to the constitutional separations of the power, not the centering of it. In early US history the thugs in DC were referred to as the “general” government. Since the Union is no longer a union at all, but a single nation-state ruled from DC, I refer to them as the national as opposed to the state governments.

  3. MikeL

    So are you saying that there is not such thing as a federal government per se? Then is there no such thing as a federal judge? If not, then what are they? National judges?

  4. Scott Post Author

    Er, well, what I mean is that the word federal should really describe our whole constitutional system, rather than the DC guys. Here I thought calling it the national government provided more clarity…

    : )

  5. evilpaul

    Damn Scott! You’re taking the place over there today or something. 😀

    Have you tried getting Arthur Silber on the show before? I’ve been reading his blog lately and it’s always interesting.

  6. evilpaul

    Because the subject of our honorable public servants in local law enforcement comes up pretty frequently here, I’ll float this…

    Copteria, n:
    A police officier’s (aka cop’s) criteria by which he approaches and stops/molests random persons. That is to say, it’s arbitrary and completely made up like the word copteria.

    I’ve wondered if there was a word for the “reasons” the local police pull me over while driving and stop me while walking. They always have some “reason”, but they and me both know that it’s false and just dreamed up as an excuse for the police stop. (Or utterly ridiculous like the chief of police stopping me because he “didn’t recognize” my car.)

    There apparently isn’t, so I’ve created one. Use it. Spread it. Love it. 🙂

  7. pupnik

    Scott, you’re completely right about the war on drugs. And it’s hugely important.

    Prohibition is obviously unconstitutional.
    Prohibition is obviously a violation of your natural right to self-ownership.
    Prohibition is obviously a shoehorn into increasing violations of our financial and personal privacy.
    Prohibition is obviously a means of selective incarceration against dissidents and blacks.
    Prohibition is obviously a massive government price support for drug smugglers and kingpins
    … and hence the corruption of police, judges and elected officials.
    … and hence the support of terrorist organizations and black government operations

    Whoever supports prohibition is either consciously evil or a damned fool.

  8. John Delano

    It doesn’t look like 2nd, but he has done best in states along the Candian border. Too many Vermonters have become McCainiacs it looks like.

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