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16 thoughts on “The Show”

  1. Curt


    Great article by Scott Ritter on stopping the war with Iran as a top priority..
    Sounds like he’d be a great guest ASAP.

  2. SteveC


    Didn’t Joe Biden get caught plagerizing a speech when he ran for PREZ (88 or 92) from British Labor Party member Neil Kinnock? He had to drop out of the race as a result.

    Also…wasn’t he one of the driving forces in the Senate pushing Plan Colombia….The defoliation of the Coca crop….

  3. vineyardsaker

    Neocons always end up carving apart the countries they destroy, look at Russia, Yugoslavia or Serbia now. Neocons absolutely *hate* Orthodox Christians, and they hate Shia Muslims almost as much.

  4. SteveC


    Didn’t Democrat (and Klansmen) Robert Byrd ask for Bill Richardson’s resignation for his Cabinet Post (not the UN, Sec of Energy I think).

  5. SteveC

    VS Remember what I told you about Kucinich on abortion….. Don’t trust Bernie Sanders either VS…He’s beholden to the lobby as well…..

  6. anti-fascist

    I dunno, I kinda like A-mad-jad. He’s a very stylish, fashionable guy–Sports jacket, no tie, sensible haircut, well-trimmed beard–sort of an outlaw Karzai, but edgier. A lot of buzz about his remarks at Columbia, where he seemed very reasonable and passionate about his message. The hawtness that is A-mad–I’m diggin’ it!!

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