The Long Arm of the Drug War

by | May 16, 2006 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Brian Doherty from Reason explains to the readers of the LA Times the destructive nature of America’s domestic and international Drug War.

“When drugs are outlawed, only outlaws deal drugs. If it weren’t illegal, the sale of narcotics would be no more prone to violence and corruption than the sale of cola or cigarettes.”

Why isn’t everyone a libertarian?

This was the first issue that really woke me up to the irrationality and impunity associated with state power as a youth. It is also a subject that I often ignore in favor of stories about the Empire’s adventures in the Middle East.

That is my mistake. There are untolds millions of victims of this evil war on liberty in this country and around the world, and it must be stopped.

How to stop it when all the polls say Americans want stoners locked up? I have no idea. More arguing I guess.

Hat Tip: Anthony Gregory

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